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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

2013-12-25 07:56:21 by Neon-Bard

I want to wish all of my newgrounds friends and acquaintances a very merry Christmas and happy holidays! Enjoy the season, be jolly and jovial, and most of all - be safe! Here's to a wonderful year past, and to a fruitful and fun year ahead. :)  


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2013-12-25 08:21:33

Have a magnificent Christmas, Neon-Bard, and I hope indeed that the New Year will be an enjoyably prosperous one. Keep up your musical works, friend, whatever you do! :D



2013-12-25 09:37:15

Merrey Cristmas ;D


2014-03-24 18:02:47

Didn't see around here often. :) How's your life? Any new music coming?

Neon-Bard responds:

I've been quite busy with life stuff lately...ugh I feel too old saying that hahaha!

Life is pretty good, I've been busy with work but my contract is up within a week so I'll be able to make lots of music when that time comes. Expect some actual activity very soon!

I hope things are well with you! :D