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Absolutely disturbing.

I haven't seen any of your previous work before, but I must say that this is some very deep stuff. I'm extremely disturbed and almost in a state of shock. I was really uncomfortable when watching this. This is most likely because I tend to follow the 'happier' and brighter side of life, and I generally have a preference to avoid the scary, morbid, hyper-sexualized, and so on, but hey, that's just me!

In spite of the fact that this places direct fear into my mind, I applaud your expert animating skills, the great voice work, and the chilling soundtrack. The plot is so full of tension that I almost had to stop the video several times just to reflect on what I had just seen.

I definitely got a 'Matrix' sort of vibe from this (which btw, also scared the living hell out of me, and made me very uncomfortable).

What I interpreted as the main points of the video were along the lines of:
- Never try to become something you are not, it only ends in a hollow fantasy.
- Always remember that things are not always what they seem.

I also feel that there was a blatant message to the 'elite' figures of our society. Very well done.

I'm going to clue up because I feel like I'm rambling. Overall, fantastic job, you're certainly going to cause me to have nightmares (yeah I know, I'm far too sensitive for my own good! :P Haha!).

Absolutely breathtaking...

Seriously though, I had goosebumps as I watched this. I find this to be very inspirational and meaningful, well done! Please keep up the amazing work! :)

Loved it!

I would love to see another Skyrim parody!

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Considering that this is an experimental game, it was supposed to be short, to the point, and so forth (at least that's what I assume). I really enjoyed the music, and the art was great! If you considered making this (or something like it) into a full game, I would suggest adding more story, and perhaps an actual walk cycle with the characters. Also, certain portions of the story made little to no sense. I would like to see what else you could dream up with a game along these lines! :)

Excellent game....but really disturbing.

I absolutely love the graphics and the music mostly because they are reminiscent of Meat Boy! It feels a lot like Zelda at times which is awesome. The intro is really well done. The only downfall for me was the fact that it was really disturbing, and even though it was freaky, I can overlook that small fact because the gameplay is good. Well done once again Mr. McMillen I love your games! As for the sounds and music I loved both, I'm a huge fan of Danny Baranowsky's music and the sounds were great. Great job!

Awesome! :)

I've played through this game at least four times. Can't wait for the next one.

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Oh, I really love the atmosphere here! The music box in particular gives off a dream-like innocence, but the heavy reverb gives it an ethereal, spooky quality. On top of that, the strings and piano hint at a melancholy tone...the more I listen, the gloomier I become. It makes me sad.

I'd love to hear more like this, LSD. Keep at it, friend! :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for taking a listen and for leaving a review, dude!
I definitely was aiming for just that ethereal, spooky, yet melancholy atmosphere.
Now that you mention it, the effect this track has seems to increase when it's listened to longer. Interesting o.O

I'll definitely make more similar stuff in the future. This belongs to one of my main genres, after all :3

Simply awesome! Famisynth is a relatively simple, yet powerful tool to have at your disposable. You've used it incredibly well here! The blend of the 8-bit and the more progressive rock style theme works so well, especially since this is something that is inspired by Megaman (assuming, at least).

I'd love to hear more like this! :)

Deemo-R responds:

Thanks man! I think 8-bit music has really grown on me a lot in the recent months. There's really a unique timbre and set of limitations to what it can do, and it's a great way to really see how your writing is in a small, exposed manner. I'd love to do some more stuff with it, for sure! As for blending things like guitar in there, I'm really hoping to ditch this vst guitar for a real one next time :D

Wow! This track is just full of dynamics! On top of that, an incredibly rich musical-driven story. The harp, glock, and flutes work so excellently together. In fact, your implementation of those three instruments in particular remind me of Motoi Sakuraba's work (perhaps my favorite composer). There is something inherently peaceful about both the introduction and conclusion. I enjoyed the more 'pirate-esque', adventurous body of the track, though there's really something special about the beginning and end here. 1:55 gave me goosebumps for goodness sake!

Wonderfully written and produced, Chrono! :D

ChronoNomad responds:

Many thanks for the review, N-B! It's always incredible to know that such dynamics are appreciated, and it is always a true honour to be compared to such a legendary composer. Sakuraba-san's name came up in one of my 'What Lies Beyond' reviews, so I feel doubly humbled and thrilled by a second compliment in the same vein!

I really had a strong sense of what I wanted to do with this track. Not that I had everything planned out the instant I started working on it of course, but the idea of peace and tranquility as my musical bookends was ever present, as well as the more exciting and adventurous central motif. After testing out each of the NGDIC samples we were allowed to use (50, all told) and making my instrument choices (up to 25), it all just kind of came together. I practically feel as though the track wrote itself, if that makes any sense at all. Things just clicked, and the funny part was that I had started out with an almost completely different set of instrument samples!

Glad to share a bit of musical horripilation! That's one of those things that always tells me that I've been unequivocally transported by a fantastic composition. Goosebumps, shivers up my spine, and the like. So glad that you enjoy the music! ^__^

Hey there, my name's Brandon. I'm a composer, producer, and audio engineer. If you happen to like anything I have made, or have any questions about using my music in a project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I hope you have a good day!

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